23 February 2011

Movies: Cop Out

Kevin Smith directed Comedy. He didn't write the script, but you can see his influences in some of the dialog.  Wow this one was roasted by critics. But I have a soft spot in my movie-watchin heart for Kevin Smith flicks, so I gave it a watch anyhow.

You have cop partners Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Yeah - there's a pairing you wouldn't normally guess. Willis's character needs to sell his very rare baseball card to pay for his daughter's wedding, only to have it stolen and end up in the hands of a local drug kingpin who happens to collect baseball memorabilia.   Yeah.  No shit.  But you get what you get.  Willis is Willis. Morgan is Morgan. Seann William Scott is .. you get the idea.  And a heyo to a Kevin Pollak appearance as well. 
If you view this as a send-off/homage/take-off on 80's buddy-cop flicks it really isn't as terrible as a lot of reviews make it out to be. It even has hints of 80's buddy-cop flick synthesizer music from time to time (courtesy of 80's buddy-cop synthesizer music great Harold Faltermeyer).  

It's entertaining, dumb, and funny enough.  If it happens to be on or if you have no clue what to watch on popcorn night -give it a watch.  It at least got some chuckles out of me.

I suspect if anyone else had directed this the critics wouldn't have been as harsh.  Still, not a great movie - just an okay one.

(original post 15 Jan 2011)

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