20 February 2011

Movies: The Collector

The Collector http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0844479/
Kind of a Saw-like horror/thriller film. Except it isn't as good as Saw.
Nutshell plot: dude works as a renovation contractor on a house, it's his last day before the family goes on vacation. Dude wants to rob the house while they're gone. He breaks in and discovers that the family was kidnapped and is now being tortured by ... The Collector. So instead of just stealing the stuff he went in for and taking off, he decides to save the family. How nice of him.
Somehow in the small span of time between dude leaving the renovated house in the afternoon to coming back that night, The Collector put up tons of traps inside the house to catch the family if they try to escape his evil torturous clutches.
Complete with fish hooks, bear traps, nails sticking up from stairs, stabbings, blood, a bondage leather-masked bad guy, and a cardboard family complete with hot(ish) blond mom, clueless dad, renegade teenage daughter, cute preteen daughter. Oh yeah, a huge wasp nest that has nothing to do with the movie except to introduce the exterminator guy.
Poor plot, weak characters, poor continuity, poor resolution. Pretty much a weak rehash of bloody slasher/horror/thriller movies everyone has already done better (or worse) in the past.

(original post 20 April 2010)

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