23 February 2011

Movies: Case 39

Thriller/horror flick. 
An overworked child protective services case worker gets ANOTHER case on the pile she has to handle. The caseworker gets a bad feeling about the parents, convinces her cop friend to go with her on a house visit, and they save the child from certain death because they get there right after the parents have stuffed the child into the oven to cook her to death.  The caseworker, of course, convinces the courts the little girl would be better served if she lived with the caseworker instead of in a pending-foster-assignment children's waystation.  But wait - why did the girl's parents have deadbolts on the inside of their bedroom door - as if too keep the child ... out ...

I was entertained during the first 80% of the flick -- it seemed to build suspense pretty well. Even though there are plenty of 'creepy evil child you let live with you' flicks out there.  I guess it was the ending that kinda crapped it for me. Sortof like they hitched you to the train and drove you there, decoupled the engine, then didn't know how to stop the car.
Still was more enjoyable than The Last Exorcism .

(original post 13 Jan 2011)

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