20 February 2011

Movies: Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0806027/
Live action movie based on an animated flick of the same name.
Set in Japan in the 1970s, a young girl is the muscle of a super-secret organization that hunts down demons looking for the oldest and baddest demon of them all, the demon that killed her father.
Not exactly sure how 'vampirey' this really is. The bad folks are really demons that can look like humans and walk among them, and also they feed on humans, and the main character Saya is a half-breed (a-la Blade). I guess they use the word vampire because they feed on people, but near as I could tell from the story all the 'vampires' are demons that took on human form, not people changed into vampires, and can walk in the sunlight, and a katana can kill them. So it isn't the classic Hollywood type vampire.
Action-wise, it is sort of a 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon' with a dash of Hellsing and a touch of Blade thrown in. The fight scenes have lots of dismemberments and decapitations, fast to slow-motion and angle changes (300), and bloody. Good fun for all.
Story-wise, nothing spectacular, but not entirely crap either. One super big suspension of disbelief crasher that almost, but not quite, ruins the movie. Let it slide.
I haven't seen the animated version so I can't compare the two.
Acting - average. No Oscar contenders in this one. The big-bad demon was obviously dubbed by a real english-speaker, but at least they tried.
If you like vampirey/demony flicks, bloody action flicks, monstery-type flicks it's worth sitting down with some popcorn for an hour and a half of mindless fun. It isn't great, it isn't horrible either. Sort of makes me want to see the original animated version, or re-watch the Hellsing series.

(original post 24 March 2010)

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