22 February 2011

Movies: Below

Below http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0276816/

An American WWII submarine picks up 3 survivors from a British hospital ship that had recently been sunk. Then things start getting weird.

This 2002 supernatural thriller was directed by David Twohy (Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, A Perfect Getaway) and the screenplay was co-written by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Black Swan).

One would think a confluence of these two would result in awesome. Instead we get a result of pretty okay for the most part.

A decent cast of mostly B-listers and supporting actors you'll recognize from plenty of other films, including a guy that was in TBS's Rough Riders (which I was an extra in, and didn't realize the dude was an actor and part of the primary supporting cast, I thought he was one of us extras. see the end of this post for more).

Most surprising cast member: Zach Galifianakis (bonus points if you can pronounce his name). Holy shit I just found out Galifianakis was the Bus Stop Man in "Bubble Boy" - didn't ever make that connection before. (And if you haven't seen Bubble Boy I recommend you do 'cause it's funny).

The movie is acted well enough, thrillery in some spots, and pretty much an enjoyable stretch of supernatural thriller set on a submarine. I liked it. Good enough for a Friday Night Popcorn movie night.

Funny thing - I caught the last half of this movie a while ago on a cable movie channel and never knew what it was - just that the bits I saw seemed interesting. Now I've seen what puts everyone on the sub in the first place. And it was long enough ago that I didn't even recall the ending, which doesn't happen to me much (yet, I'm getting older, so...).

Kindof stumbled upon it looking at Netflix's recommendations for me. Good job Netflix. Beats the Veggie Tales fare you've been trying to trick me into seeing after I said I liked Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Bugs Life, Up, etc.

(original post 30 Nov 2010)

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