23 February 2011

Movies: The A-Team

The A-Team http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0429493/

I remember watching the series back in the day.   To my recollection, a fun series with over the top action, crazy plans, cast that went with the show. So when I saw they were making a movie I, of course, groaned. Seems like more often than not movie remakes of old TV series tend to either suck, go afar from the original as to be unrecognizable except in title, or just miss whatever 'magic' was there.

I'm pleasantly surprised that this A-Team was actually pretty good.


Perhaps because my expectations were low? Dunno.  The introduction to the team members, the 'building' of the team and updating of the characters to nearer-to-today times worked and overall the show was fun. From the get-go the viewer learns to expect over-the-top action, toss reality out the window and sit back and enjoy the ride.   And it had a coherent plot, some side stories that worked well in the framework of the whole, even some character growth.   The actors worked well as their characters, and the characters worked well together.  And, to its credit, stuck with the standard A-Team formula of plans planned, acted out, gone awry, then saved by parts of the plan we didn't know ahead of time.


I think they did a good homage to the original series and made an entertaining film that works even for viewers that never saw the series. 


And it's another film that did over-the-top action with a team  of folks way better than The Expendables - which still feels mindless, pointless, plotless and klunky in comparison.  So that's two films that came out near the same time as Expendables that show how to do such flicks the right way. Now that I think about it,  The Losers could almost have been an A-Team plot.

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