20 February 2011

Movies: 30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0389722/
Barrow, Alaska, wintertime. Sun sets, doesn't rise for 30 days. 3/4 of the town knows all-night for a month is a recipe for crazy and smartly goes elsewhere, some hardy fools folks stick it out. But oh no, vampires show up for the month-long night. Feasty-party-time for vampires.
The most recognizable cast members are probably Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, and Ben Foster. Mark Boone Junior shows up because he's always a good supporting cast member that everyone loves.
Compared to movies stuffed full of bad actors this one shines. Compared to movies with great actors, well, don't do that. Just be glad they aren't horrible actors.
Pretty much typical vampires doing typical vampirey things, people are trying to survive the month until the sun returns. Is okay as a vampire movie - doesn't do any crazy redefinition of the standard hollywood vampire mythology. The one questionable thing (inject vampire blood into living person results in vampire) may have been established in other vampire movies so I'm letting it slide. Vampires wanna eat people, they eat people. Vamps don't want the eaten to come back as more vampires (competition for food) so they break the heads off to stop that. And the vampires are smart enough to use uneaten people to bait out hiders. 
And we're supposed to want the people to survive because they're people, not vampires. You don't really have to care for them much more than, say, cows. Because they collectively have the personalities of cows. No wonder the vamps wanna eat em.
Bonus: child vampire. Axes.
Things that you just have to ignore: 
- the ending
- vampires eat so many people at the outset I dunno why they hung out in town trying to locate the last few survivors. Too many vamps and not enough food. but whatever.
- when the sun 'comes back' to Barrow - apparently the hour or so of sunlight is expected to be enough to drive the vampires away for good. Hell if I was a vampire I'd hide out for an hour or two and start feasting again, since I didn't bother to leave three weeks ago when most of the town was eaten. Plenty of 'way more night than daylight' days ahead.

So - if you like vampire movies this one will do just fine. Just ignore the ending, flat personalities, and any glaring plot holes.  Entertaining and worthwhile overall.

(original post 16 March 2010)

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