21 February 2011

---- Break Time ----

First off:  Thank you for visiting!  Your eyes are appreciated.

Secondly: As indicated I like movies, I don't particularly enjoy the theater experience. Too many interruptions from external sources. It's as if the movie-goer's manners and decorum have completely vanished over the past 30 years or something.  So I choose to enjoy flicks in the comfort of my own home. With my own damn popcorn.
So my movie reviews are going to be completely outdated, cover movies that have either just made it to DVD or a pay movie channel or Netflix, or I finally got around to watching it or something.  And most likely they've all been reviewed by other folks of varying movie review competency.
I doubt I'll ever review a movie currently playing in a theater unless I somehow started getting paid to watch movies in theaters. Not that I wouldn't mind that so much.

Also - I'm not educated in any way in movie history, movie review, movie analysis, or anything like that. My education has come from just watching movies and looking up stuff on IMDB. The trivia aspect appeals to me. Sortof stems from "hey there's a new movie with that chick that was in that movie with that dude that was in that other movie with that other blond chick" situations.
In my reviews I just kinda try to voice what I do / don't like about flicks. Sometimes it's not easy to put my finger on what did/didn't work, so then I have to analyze what I just watched to figure out the "why did it affect me so".  

I've been posting movie reviews to my regular Facebook account for about a year.
I decided to copy them all over to this blog so that it has some historical content before I continue to add more reviews.  Maybe I'll even get smart enough to figure out how to feed my new reviews to my Facebook.  So the first few days of entries here are all going to be a dump of a year's worth of reviews.

Fourthly: I've been emailing each of the historical reviews to blogger because it was a lot quicker than using the built-in editor, fine tool that it is.
I hit the Blogger post cap while doing so, so now I have to wait 24 hours before the cap is lifted.  I don't think I'm quite halfway through all the reviews I've done to date, so I might be encountering this cap a couple more times in the future before things slow down.
The post cap prevents blogger sites from becoming content spam generators, unfortunately for me I triggered their defense mechanisms.  This will probably be resolved in a week or so.

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